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Fast Greyhound Results

Greyhound racing is one of the most popular betting sports in the United Kingdom. Like horse racing, punters are required to wager on which greyhound or greyhounds they believe will win the race.

While the sport was hugely popular around the 1940s, it quickly began to decline and led to the closure of numerous greyhound sports stadiums around the country. Few of them remain today but some people have discovered a newfound love for the sport online.

But how do you wager on greyhound racing online and what are the latest greyhound results? It’s all right here.

Today’s Greyhound Racing Results


Time: 10:43
415M, Grade A
1st: Hollywood Coco, Trap Four
2nd: Decoy Chippy, Trap Two
3rd: Daves Shot, Trap Five

Bet on Greyhound Harlow races here.


Time: 12:26
476M, Grade A
1st: Minecraft Lee, Trap Six
2nd: Moment Of Hope, Trap Three
3rd: Lightfoot Brid, Trap Five

Bet on Greyhound Swindon races here.


Time: 16:09
380M, Grade A
1st: Noans Dolly, Trap Three
2nd: Turbine Thallo, Trap One
3rd: Gottabe Ten, Trap Two

Bet on Greyhound Crayford races here.

Yesterday’s Results


Time: 16:07
500M, Grade A
1st: Harton Luke, Trap Three
2nd: Swift Perplex, Trap Four
3rd: Fizzy Fitz, Trap One


Time: 19:21
480M, Grade A
1st: Calzaghe Boyo, Trap Three
2nd: Love Your Work, Trap Two
3rd: Gaelic Storm, Trap Six


Time: 21:22
462M, Grade A
1st: Jammy Sammy, Trap Five
2nd: Bowline Cherokee, Trap Four
3rd: Our Boy Bodie, Trap One

Greyhound Bets

When it’s time to wager on greyhound you may find that there are numerous wagering options which can actually be pretty overwhelming for a first-timer. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common forms of bets and what they mean. Take a look below:

Win: Selecting which Greyhound you believe will win the race.

Place: Selecting which Greyhound you believe will place first or second.

Forecast: Selecting two Greyhounds you believe will finish first and second. They must place in the correct order for you to win.

Trifecta: Selecting three Greyhounds you believe will finish first, second and third. They must place in the correct order for you to win.

All-Ways Forecast: Picking three Greyhounds and predicting the Greyhounds you believe will place first and second. You win when any of your three chosen Greyhounds places in any order and when you’re two chosen Greyhounds land in their predicted places.

All-Ways Trio: Picking three Greyhounds and predicting where they place. You win when any of your three Greyhounds places in any order and when they finish in their predicted places.

It’s important you understand that All-Ways wagers cover several bets (For example, a bet that Greyhound A will place first, second and third, that Greyhound B will place in the same positions and that Greyhound C will place in the same positions), this is why your selected Greyhounds can place in any order. Due to this, the stakes will be higher than when making simpler bets.

Multiple Bets or Accumulators

You can also make multiple bets (Also known as accumulators), but you’ll find that it may actually be harder to win when doing so. We suggest you only start making multiple bets when you’re confident in your skills and understand the rules and tracks. Some of the most popular multiple bets include:

Double: You wager on two dogs across multiple races, they both have to win for you to receive a return.

Treble: You wager on three dogs across multiple races, they all must win.

Trixie: A bet made of three doubles and one treble, creating four bets. However, you only need two dogs to win to receive the minimum return.

Yankee: A bet made of six doubles, four trebles and one other accumulator. Only two dogs are required to win to receive the minimum return.

How To Make A Bet on Greyhound Racing

Now you understand the most popular types of races as well as the different bets you can make, it’s time you learned how to make a bet on Greyhound racing. When you’re ready, just following the below steps:

1. Find an online betting site that accepts wagers on Greyhound racing and complete its registration process.
2. Navigate towards the Greyhound racing section and select which race you wish to wager on. You should check which type of race it is by checking the grade.
3. Select which Greyhound you believe will win according to your wager.
4. Adjust your stake and confirm the wager. That’s it!

All you need to do after that is wait for the results. While this can be somewhat nerve-wracking for a first-timer, it’s important you remain calm and enjoy yourself.

The Greyhound Races

The Race Tracks

As of 2019, only one greyhound race track is permitted in the UK. Referred to as Track Racing, this track uses an artificial lure that travels ahead of the dogs until they finish the race. Previously, Coursing was incredibly popular race track at stadiums and used stuffed lure such as hares or rabbits that could be killed by the dog on the track.

This form of racing has since been banned in the UK, the US and other countries, prompting stadiums to use artificial lures.

Registered Vs Independent Racing

In the UK, Greyhound racing is separated into two different categories: races registered by the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) and Independent races which are not tied to a governing body.

Registered races are regulated by the GBGB and must follow their rules. These races must also follow the Directions of the Stewards who set standards for Greyhound welfare, racing integrity and much more. Under the registered races, there are 21 race courses, over 850 trainers, over 4,000 kennel staff and over 800 racecourse officials. It’s estimated that around 10,000 Greyhounds are registered annually for racing.

Independent racing, which is also known as “flapping”, is held at five racecourses throughout the country. In England, the standards for Greyhound welfare and race integrity are set by the local government, however, there is no organisation that regulates the races.

Race Categories

On top of that, there are different categories of races which can be wagered on at betting shops and websites. Each individual race is represented by a grade which is clearly presented be viewed when making bets. While the races and grades can differ depending on the bookmaker and site, they generally are:

  • OR: An open race for any type of dog
  • A: A graded race for dogs of similar abilities
  • P: A puppy race for dogs between the age of 15 and 24 months
  • HCP: A handicap race where each dog gets a handicap at different positions
  • H: A hurdle race where dogs must jump a minimum of three hurdles
  • S: A six bend race

It’s important to understand the grades as they will tell you what type of race is currently accepting wagers. Bookmakers such as Paddy Power will state the grade underneath the time and location of the race. Besides the grade, you’ll notice a numerical value stating the race number as well as the race distance in metres.

The Derby Competitions

Along with ordinary races, there are three major Greyhound derby competitions that occur throughout the year in the UK. They include the Scottish Greyhound Derby which is held at Shawfield Stadium, the English Greyhound Derby held at Towcester Stadium and the Irish Greyhound Derby at Shelbourne Park.

There were more derbies including the Welsh Greyhound Derby which took place at the White City Stadium in Cardiff and the Northern Irish Derby which was held at Drumbo Park. Sadly, the Welsh Greyhound Derby stopped in 1977 and the Northern Irish Derby came to an end in 2014, just three years after it began.

Greyhound Colours

In the UK, there are six dogs for each race and each wears different colours. The colours help make it easy to spot which dogs are in each position and which has won the overall race. Dogs are coloured and numbered by the trap (The equipment they start the race in) they’re in. The colours are:

  • Trap One: Red with a white number
  • Trap Two: Blue with a white number
  • Trap Three: White with a black number
  • Trap Four: Black with a white number
  • Trap Five: Orange with a black number
  • Trap Six: Black and white stripes with a red number

What is Greyhound Racing?

The roots of greyhound racing date back to the late 1700s in England when a form of hunting called Coursing was popular. The event saw two dogs chase after a live rabbit or hare. The first meeting occurred in Norfolk in 1776 and specified that only two greyhounds were to chase a single animal and that the hare or rabbit would receive a 240-yard head-start.

The event eventually evolved into what we know today as greyhound racing which peaked around 1946 with around 70 million attendees, 77 licensed tracks and over 200 independent tracks. Since then, the number of people attending greyhound racing dropped significantly which led to the closure of numerous greyhound racing stadiums throughout the UK. As of 2019, there are only 21 GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) licensed stadiums in Britain and 5 stadiums independent from the UK government.

Over the last few years, however, there’s been a rise in the number of people wagering on greyhound races online. From real-life races that still take place across the country to virtual greyhound racing, punters are beginning to enjoy the sport again.

Greyhound Virtual Racing: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re worried about the welfare of these racing dogs or don’t want to wait long periods between each race, you can always participate in virtual Greyhound racing which occurs completely online and doesn’t feature any real-life animals.

Virtual Greyhound racing has become popular over the last few years as races occur every few minutes, allowing punters to wager frequently and allowing people who miss regular events to take part in the activity. Virtual races last around a minute and results are presented immediately, though users can check the betting website for older results.

Since virtual betting is still relatively new, many people are still somewhat suspicious of the activity. Many people believe that the results to virtual sports games are chosen by the betting site to make punters lose. However, this isn’t true as results are randomly selected by a random number generator (RNG) which is also used in most online casino games.

You don’t need to worry about the validity of the random number generator as it’s regularly tested by an agency or supplier. In addition, any betting site offering gambling services to residents in the United Kingdom must acquire a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) which ensures that all customers are safe and treated fairly.

One of the reasons these virtual races are so popular is because they can be made from the comfort of your own home or while on-the-go. However, this also means that they lack the atmosphere found at betting shops or at the tracks. To make up for this, virtual game developers created high-quality animations and included real-life sound effects, making the entire race feel much more authentic.

One downside to virtual Greyhound racing is that you’ll be restricted in how you can bet. At the time of writing, most betting sites will only allow users to wager on which dog they believe will place first. However, Ladbrokes does allow users to make Forecast and Tricast bets.

Other Virtual Sports

Greyhound racing isn’t the only virtual sport you can wager on. In fact, you’re actually able to wager on football, horse racing, motor racing, cycling and more. All virtual sports games operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week which means you can play whenever you want and wherever you want.

The bets accepted and the rules per each game can differ depending on the betting site you’re playing on so it’s important you read through the rules and terms and conditions before playing. If you’re interested in playing other virtual sports, check out our dedicated virtual betting page here.

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