What Are Lock Withdrawals?

Lock withdrawals are special features available at selected casinos. The feature stops users from reversing or cancelling their withdrawal, a trend that has become increasingly popular among gamblers. The feature also helps promote responsible gambling, but how does it work?

Withdrawing Wins

Let’s start at the beginning. When gamblers scores a big win, they’re going to withdraw it. However, many gamers are left disappointed when they discover that their casino takes several days to process the transaction.

While the players impatiently wait for the transaction to process, they’re given the option to cancel or reverse their withdrawal, allowing them to use the winnings to gamble more. A high number of users choose to cancel their withdrawals and proceed to gamble recklessly, sometimes resulting in players losing their winnings and possibly even more.

Lock Withdrawals stop users from reversing or cancelling their withdrawals and several online casinos have begun offering the service as a way to crack down on the number of players losing money and to promote responsible gaming.

Locking Withdrawals

You can lock or “flush” your withdrawals in just several easy steps. First, navigate towards your account and request a withdrawal as you normally would. When that’s done, open your transaction page where you should see the active withdrawal.

You can then select the withdrawal and click the lock button. That’s it. Simple.

Once you’ve locked a withdrawal no one, not even the casino handling the transaction, can unlock, cancel or reverse it. The transaction will be processed.

User Experiences

When Rizk casino first made the announcement that they were providing users with a lock withdrawal option on Casino Meister forums, they were showered with praise. Many players called for other casinos to follow suit and join Rizk in promoting responsible gambling.

In fact, hundreds of gamers have been urging casinos to abolish the withdrawal pending period and to introduce options to lock withdrawals or to even remove the option to reverse or cancel pending withdrawals. The reason why so many people are supporting the feature is because it’s incredibly easy to cancel a withdrawal and use the money for gambling.

Which Casinos Stop You From Cancelling Withdrawals?

You can see now why Lock Withdrawals are a great and, in today’s age, an important feature. Right now, however, only a select few casinos actually offer the service. Take a look below to find out which offer locks or a similar service.

Why Lock Withdrawals Are Important

For example, a user named BTGKinG at CasinoGrounds forums ran into a little trouble because they were unable to lock their withdrawals. The user managed to win £1,340 after playing at an online casino but hadn’t verified their account yet.

So, when they wanted to withdraw their winnings, they were informed by the casino that they had to verify their account before withdrawing any money.

After the account was verified, the user decided to treat themselves to “a click or two” but had lost their entire winnings by the end of the night. Like most other users who spent their winnings, BTGKinG was “so angry with myself”.

Like most others have undergone a similar experience, BTGKinG now hopes that casinos will listen to their customers and begin to treat them with more care.

Another user called Azzablags recalled how he had a won £240 on an £8 bet at an online casino website and had requested a withdrawal soon after. Later, after several work drinks, the user became bored while waiting for the bus home and ended up reversing his withdrawal. The user went to lose all of his winnings on the Extra Chilli slot game.

Following the loss, the user has now joined the huge number of people urging online casinos to stop offering reversals and to begin looking after their loyal customers rather than taking advantage of them.

A user named bigslotwins recalled how several casinos had actively encouraged him to reverse a withdrawal. The user claimed he had won at the casino and had requested a withdrawal. When the user began chasing the casino for the payment, a customer support agent said: “Why don’t you reverse it and continue your luck?”

The user stated that another casino had encouraged him to reverse his withdrawal. Writing on the CasinoGrounds forum, bigslotwins explained how he was in the middle of verifying his account to request a withdrawal when the casino had offered him a 15% bonus if he decided to reverse the withdrawal.

Bigslotwins went on to slam the casinos, though claimed they weren’t “big, reputable casinos”, and urged for all casinos to ban the “disgusting practices”. Like many others, bigslotwins wants casinos to introduce features to protect customers rather than take advantage of them.

A fourth user, called Matt Fuze, recalled how they had won £3,500 at an online casino and requested a withdrawal. Despite previously withdrawing, the casino demanded verification and while the casino “verified” the user’s account, the user cancelled the withdrawal and lost their entire winnings.

The casino claimed the verification was down to a “human error” and compensated by offering the user 50 extra spins on Gonzo’s Quest, but that didn’t replace the feeling of regret the user felt. In the post, the user explained how they felt that the casino had taken advantage of them.

Rizk Casino was one of the first online casinos to actually offer a lock withdrawal feature. The service was launched in July 2016 when Rizk announced the feature in a forum post on CasinoMeister.

In the post, Rizk Casino explained how users could lock withdrawals. As we mentioned above, you just need to navigate towards the ‘Transactions’ section of your account which provides you with a list of withdrawals. From there, you can click ‘Lock’ to… well, lock the withdrawal.

The forum post soon became filled with members praising Rizk for being one of the first casinos to actually look after their customers and to support responsible gambling.

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Casumo Casino followed Rizk’s footsteps shortly after and launched their own lock withdrawal feature. It works the same way as Rizk’s, stopping users from cancelling or reversing their withdrawals.

To lock a withdrawal, you simply need to navigate towards your ‘Transaction’ tab in your account and click the ‘Lock’ button. It couldn’t be easier.

Like Rizk, Casumo Casino has been praised for its lock feature which is so strong that, according to a Casumo support agent, not even Chuck Norris can unlock the withdrawal.

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SlotsMillion was another casino to follow Rizk in allowing users to lock their withdrawals, protecting them from gambling irresponsibly.

To lock your withdrawal, you’ll need to access your account, navigate towards the ‘Banking’ section and then click the little ‘Lock’ button when requesting a withdrawal.

Like Rizk and Casumo, you don’t even need to contact customer support as it can all be done by yourself!

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Slots Million

While Sky Vegas and Novibet don’t actually offer users the option to lock their withdrawals, the two online casinos don’t allow users to cancel or reverse their withdrawals. Once you request a withdrawal, that’s it.

Gambling Responsibly

Only three online casinos actually offer the service to lock withdrawals. However, we hope that more casinos will begin following in Rizk’s, Casumo’s and SlotMillion’s footsteps.

It’s important to protect players and promote responsible gambling. It’s also important to stop users from developing addictions and from gambling recklessly.

You should also know that there are plenty of helpful websites offering advice and support to anyone who may be struggling with a gambling problem, whether that’s you or someone you know.

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