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Scratchcards in the UK are a popular form of gambling enjoyed by all ages (18+ of course) and throughout Great Britain. However, there has been some controversy around the National Lottery scratchcard prizes in the past. Often, scratchcards are sold to players even though the top prizes have already been claimed. We’ve put together a table that shows you the remaining prizes for each scratchcard game from the National Lottery. We continuously update the figures with the latest data.

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Current Remaining Scratchcard Prizes

Game Number Game Prize Value Top Prizes Left Price
1109 £100 Loaded** £100 2525 £2
1173 £100,000 Christmas £100,000 3 £1
1115 £100,000 Purple** £100,000 4 £1
1166 £100,000 Yellow £100,000 10 £1
1188 20X £1,000,000 4 £5
1203 £20,000 A Month For A Year £240,000 5 £2
1167 £250,000 Birthday £250,000 1 £2
1140 £250,000 Multiplier*** £250,000 0 £2
1200 £2 Million Blue £2,000,000 3 £5
1221 £300,000 Bonus Purple £300,000 2 £3
1123 3 Times Lucky £10,000 0 £1
1183 3 Ways To Win £50,000 3 £2
1181 £500,000 Red £500,000 10 £2
1095 £50 Million Cash Showdown*** £1,000,000 0 £5
1152 Bangers 'n' Cash** £5,000 2 £1
1179 Bee Lucky £5,000 2 £1
1156 Bingo Doubler White £300,000 3 £3
1196 Bingo Millionaire £1,000,000 3 £5
1144 Blazin' 7s £7,000 0 £1
1131 Cash Millions £1,000,000 1 £5
1107 Cash Vault*** £250,000 0 £3
1195 Cashword VIP Black £300,000 1 £3
1172 Christmas Advent Calendar 2019*** £250,000 0 £5
1175 Christmas Cash £100,000 2 £2
1187 Diamond 7s Doubler £200,000 1 £3
1165 Dough Me The Money £5,000 5 £1
1199 Flamingo Fortune £5,000 5 £1
1136 Fruity Fortune £500,000 1 £5
1126 Full of £500s £500 2824 £5
1114 Gold £500,000 2 £5
1161 Gold Tripler £10,000 1 £1
1159 Holiday Cash £300,000 2 £3
1160 Instant £500 £500 86 £5
1137 Instant Millionaire*** £1,000,000 0 £5
1222 Instant Millionaire Purple £1,000,000 3 £5
1190 Jewel Bingo Red £300,000 4 £3
1157 Love Island £50,000 1 £2
1174 Lucky Bonus £80,000 2 £2
1158 Lucky Lines*** £80,000 0 £2
1169 Lucky Numbers*** £200,000 0 £3
1185 Match 3 Tripler** £10,000 6 £1
1177 Merry Millions £1,000,000 1 £5
1178 Money Kingdom £500,000 1 £5
1186 Money Multiplier £100,000 6 £2
1146 Money Spinner £100K Thousand £100,000 2 £5
1142 Monopoly Jackpot*** £1,000,000 0 £5
1184 Monopoly Jackpot £1,000,000 4 £5
1163 Monopoly Millionaire £1,000,000 1 £5
1125 New Year 2020 £2,020 1 £1
1149 Pot of Gold** £50,000 9 £3
1197 Scrabble Cashword £300,000 5 £3
1162 Super 7s £100,000 1 £2
1191 Treasure Bingo £300,000 5 £3
1189 Triple Jackpot £500,000 1 £5
1153 Triple Payout £100,000 1 £2

This table is updated every Friday
** More tickets have been printed due to big demand. Additional prizes include top prizes.
*** The last top prize has been claimed and no new packs of Scratchcards can be sold by vendors.

National Lottery Scratchcards

What Are They?

National Lottery scratchcards is a form of an instant-win game where players must scratch their card to reveal images or information. The information revealed will inform you whether you’ve won a prize or not, and this can range from £5 or £10 up to one million pounds.

There are numerous scratchcards available and they each offer different prizes to players. They come at three different prices, usually between £1 and £5, and can be bought from most shops including supermarkets and off-licenses. At the time of writing, there is no limit to the number of scratchcards you can buy but participants must be aged 16 and over to do so.

Note: In July 2019, the UK government announced that it will be banning under 16s from purchasing any scratchcards from 2023 at the start of the next National Lottery license.

How Do They Work?

National Lottery scratchcards are printed whenever a new game launches. The tickets are printed in large batches, for example, the National Lottery printed around 12,103,725 scratchcard tickets for its Blue Game and the firm printed 15,995,000 scratchcards for its Monopoly game. These tickets are printed to either win or lose and users who do scratch a winning card are required to inform the National Lottery who will then check the ticket and award the player their winnings, but more on that later.

To win, users will generally be required to match several numbers or symbols and if all numbers or symbols match, a prize is rewarded. For example, in the National Lottery’s Magenta, users must match three identical prize symbols with their matching prize captions, and revealing the National Lottery in the game will automatically reward you with £5.

Meanwhile, in the National Lottery’s Cash Spectacular Yellow, you must match one of the winning numbers and its prize caption with one of your numbers and prize caption. Meanwhile, a money bag symbol means you’ve automatically won a prize with the amount stated in the prize caption. Lastly, the two pound symbols mean you’re awarded a prize which is double whatever is in the prize caption.


In February 2018, a report by the Guardian revealed that the National Lottery continues to sell scratchcards in the UK even after the prizes have been won. The site reported that games such as the National Lottery’s Millionaire 7s were still selling, though all six top jackpots had already been won.

This occurred once again in May 2018, when scratchcards for the 20X game were still being sold even after the final jackpot prize had been won.  Then, in November of the same year, a firm named LatestDeals launched an investigation into the National Lottery and discovered that players had a slim to no chance of winning scratchcard prizes because most of them had already been won.

The firm’s report found that the National Lottery had printed over 10,000,000 tickets for their Blue Game but, at the time of writing, only one winning ticket remained in circulation. However, customers were allowed to continue buying believing they still had a chance to win the jackpot.

Scratchcard Winnings

As mentioned, it’s possible to win anything from a fiver up to one million pounds, it just depends on the scratchcard ticket you purchase. For example, you can win between £1 and £100,000 through the National Lottery’s Green Game, up to one million through the £1 million cash spectacular, and even £4 million in the Blue Game.

But if you do happen to win through a scratchcard, what do you do?

How To Claim Winnings

If you discover you’re a prize winner, your ticket will need to be verified before you win anything. You’ll need to complete a Prize Claim Form which should, depending on the size of the prize, either be taken to the shop where you purchased the ticket or to Camelot’s head office.

Up to and including £100: Retailers must make payment in cash or cashless payment, or Post Offices in the UK can make payments in cash, cashless payment or cheques

Over £100, up to and including £500: Retailers are allowed but not required to make payment in cash or cashless payment, designated Post Offices in the UK can make payment in cash, cashless payment or cheque

Over £500, up to and including £50,000: You’ll need to provide proof of identity and age. Post Offices in the UK can pay prizes of over £500 and up to £50,000 by cheque, and you’re entitled to receive the first £500 in cash or cashless payment.

Over £50,000: Prizes over £50,000 must be claimed in-person. These will be paid at either your home or agreed location, or at a Regional Centre. Payment will be made via cheque, bank transfer or direct credit. You’ll also need to provide the scratchcard, Prize Claim Form and age and identity verification.

In addition, you can also post your scratchcard and completed Prize Claim Form to the National Lottery address to claim your prize. You must enter your name and address on the back of the scratchcard and prizes are paid via cheque. However, you cannot do this for prizes over £50,000.

Recent Scratchcard Winners

A grandfather in Dublin was one of the most recent winners of this year. The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was given a €10 All Cash Spectacular scratchcard on Father’s Day in the Kilnamanagh shopping centre in Dublin and managed to land a €200,000 win on the scratchcard. In an interview with The Irish Post, the winner shared plans to buy a campervan to take his grandchildren around Ireland.

A couple in Leicester won £100,000 through a Cash Pyramid scratchcard bought at an Asda supermarket in Abbey Lane, Rothley. The couple, Daniel (24) and Marta (28) shared plans to treat their 18-month old daughter and dog Inca.

A couple in Hampshire won one million pounds after buying a £5 Monopoly Classic scratchcard. The couple, Patrick (60) and Paula (54) bought the winning ticket while buying food for their pooch Ollie. The couple shared plans to buy Ollie a new dog bed as a thank you and were planning an around-the-world holiday to celebrate the big win.

Online Scratchcard Games

Most punters who participate in scratchcards only play with real-life paper versions and most players aren’t aware that you can also play scratchcards online. Online scratchcards allow you to win large jackpots too but the main difference is that you cannot actually scratch the card since it’s automatically done for you.

The game works the same, you’ll be required to match three symbols or numbers in order to win a prize. However, online scratchcards tend to have a wider range of themes compared to the paper-based scratchcards bought at supermarkets and off-licenses. You can find online scratchcards at lottery or scratchcard-specific websites such as Lottoland or you can find some at several online casinos. To find out more on scratchcards, just visit our dedicated online scratchcards page here.

Improving Your Chances Of Winning At Scratchcards

While some people get enjoyment out of buying and playing scratchcards, it can actually be hard to win one of the top prizes. This is because, as mentioned above, the National Lottery continues to sell scratchcard tickets despite having given away all prizes, you’re essentially paying and playing for something you have no chance of winning at. However, there are ways you can improve your chances at winning

If you do want to play scratchcards and have a chance of winning one of the top prizes, we suggest you only play when the National Lottery release a new game or reprint scratchcards. You can keep track of this by regularly checking the current scratchcard prizes shown above. It’s pointless to purchase a scratchcard with next to no remaining prizes available, so make sure to consult the table at the top of this page to find out which scratchcards are worth buying.

It’s also important that you purchase the best scratchcards possible, even if this can be hard to figure out. As mentioned above, the best scratchcards to buy are those that are still offering a large variety of prizes and those that offer you special bonuses such as instant prizes. This means you’re more likely to get something in return for purchasing a scratchcard.

It’s thought that buying in bulk could also improve your chances of winning at scratchcards. Buying several scratchcards from the same shop in one visit can improve your chances over buying multiple scratchcards over a period of time. This is because scratchcard manufacturers plant winning scratchcards frequently and, according to theories, you’re more likely to find the planted scratchcard as part of a batch rather than as a single card.

In addition, the best scratchcards to buy are those found at licensed shops. You should attempt to buy scratchcards from official supermarkets and shops that are authorised to sell them and pay you your winnings. After all, you wouldn’t want to purchase a fake scratchcard, would you?

Lastly, you should also have a long think about the type of scratchcard you’d like to purchase. For example, many people buy cheap scratchcards in bulk while others prefer buying one or two higher priced scratchcards which can offer bigger prizes. The best scratchcards to buy are those you feel confident in, comfortable with and those that are within your budget. Scratchcards are fun and should remain so.

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