Virtual Racing Results

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling, people love wagering on horse and greyhound racing as well as on several sports events. However, virtual betting has slowly become popular in recent months as it allows you to place bets 24/7 and get the virtual racing results almost instantly.

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Today’s Results


Time: 08:51
First: Irish Charm & Paul Butzer
Second: Sydney & Brad Baxter
Third: Theworkerbee & Stefano De Marchi

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Time: 08:29
First: Tentotwo & Don Hong
Second: Ohteddyteddy & Thomas Erdelyi
Third: Tothemax & Brad Baxter

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Time: 07:59
First: Joe & Sven Ehrich
Second: Daisy Town & Don Hong
Third: Way Home & Ranko Bojanic

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Yesterday’s Results


Time: 22:53
First: Thanks Dad & Richie Greene
Second: Makeitup & Juergen Prestin
Third: This Time & Ranko Bojanic


Time: 20:31
First: Ham And Cheese & Zeev Ditzian
Second: Website & Thomas Erdelyi
Third: Anythingbutred & Peter Borwein


Time: 18:01
First: Amelia Grace & Robert Schaback
Second: Four Letters & Kieran Tyler
Third: Diamonds & Alexander Stepanets

Virtual Horse Racing Results: What You Need To Know

Virtual horse racing is one the most popular forms of virtual sports betting and you’ll find that races occur frequently at online betting sites. In fact, due to the huge demand in horse racing, virtual horse races occur every three to four minutes. The races generally last around 90 seconds and a new game is loaded during the interval between games, allowing the operator to set up an entirely new game with different jockeys, horses and a new racecourse.

The fast-paced nature of virtual racing also means that results are presented as soon as a race has finished. This is because you don’t need to wait around for judges’ decisions or for the track to be cleared. In addition, as soon as the results are published, your bet is settled and you’ll instantly be credited your money if you won.

One of the reasons virtual betting and racing is so popular is because the races are offered seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This gives users a chance to bet whenever they want. The fact that so many online betting sites are mobile-friendly also means that users can wager wherever they want as long as they have a working internet, 3G or 4G connection.

What Does Virtual Racing Mean?

Virtual racing launched in the early 2000s and has proven to be extremely popular. Basically, online virtual betting allows punters to wager on fictionalised races or events and watch them play out. The races themselves follow the same general rules as those in real-life, a group of horses race (Normally between 8-16) and the punter wins depending on which horse they wagered on.

However, there are some stark differences between virtual horse racing and betting in real-life.

Differences Between Real-life and Virtual Racing

As mentioned before, the virtual sports races and events available on betting sites generally play out much quicker than their real-life counterparts. This is due to the fast-paced nature of virtual betting, something many players may find appealing. What’s worth noting is that some online betting sites such as Betfair allow users to view results from the past three months

There are some major differences between virtual betting and betting in real-life. For example, virtual betting can be somewhat more restricted as betting sites only offer a limited number of bet types per race. At the time of writing, you can only make win, forecast, tricast and easy way bets on virtual racing games. At real-life horse races and other events, you’ll be able to make any number of bets including straight bets and Totepools and combined them together too.

In addition to that, you’ll find that virtual horse racing and other sports don’t have the same atmosphere you’d find at real-life events. This is because it’s virtual, you’re not at the event itself and because you’re most likely watching the event on a computer or smartphone device. Since it’s all online, you won’t find other players cheering on their horses and you may not experience the excitement you would at real-life events. However, some people may find that appealing as they may prefer the peace and quiet of their home.

Also, there are licensing agreements which stop online betting sites from using real-life competitors, stadiums or race courses. For example, you most likely won’t be able to bet on your favourite jockey, racing horse or racecourse on virtual horse racing due to these licensing agreements as bookmakers would have to pay to use their likeness.

How Does Virtual Horse Racing Work?

Graphics and Sound

You should understand by now that virtual racing features computer-generated graphics. When virtual racing first debuted, the graphics were somewhat low-quality but as technology has grown and evolved, so has the graphics featured in virtual racing.

As we mentioned above, betting operators are not allowed to use the likeness of real-life horses, jockeys and race courses. So, instead, betting operators have created their own virtual race courses and stadiums in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere found at real-life race courses.

Many people are surprised at the amount of detail that’s put into virtual racing. For example, when watching virtual racing, you’ll witness virtual jockeys walk their virtual horses around the race course and you’ll be able to watch action-replays of the winning horse pass the finish line.

To make the games even more authentic, virtual racing games feature audio commentaries similar to those at real-life horse races. The commentator informs the player who’s leading the race and any changes to the horses’ places. On top of that, you’ll also be able to hear the horses’ hooves as they run and a cheering crowd. When results are placed, you’ll hear the murmur of a crowd, birds tweeting and various horse sound effects. All of this helps create an immersive experience for the user.

The Game

We’ve already mentioned that the game works similarly to those in real-life except there’s a limit on the bets that can be made and that races generally last around 90 seconds. Now, during a virtual race, users will notice a map of the race course in the lower right-hand corner of their screen which shows where the horses are in the race and how much track is left.

Beside it, you’ll also notice that the positions of the horses are shown as symbols to let users know which horses are winning. The symbols will move to match the position of the matching horse and jockey. When a game finishes, players will be presented with the results of the race. This usually remains on screen until the next game with a small clock counting down the time until the next race.

Different Races

Just like in real life, virtual racing features different types of races. There are flat races, in which horses must run over a flat stretch of tracks, and National Hunt races which require horses to jump over hurdles. Both types of races are available at online betting sites such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betfred. Paddy Power, however, offers three different types of horse races for users including flat, jumps and sprints.

How Are Winners Determined?

There’s a common misconception that each individual betting site selects the winner of the virtual racing game. That’s wrong. The winner of virtual racing games is actually determined by an unbiased random number generator (RNG) to assure that the races are free from bias.

The RNG used in virtual horse racing and other sports is tested by an agency or supplier accredited by the UK Gambling Commision, the firm responsible for regulating the online gambling industry in the United Kingdom and making sure games are fair and secure.

Note: Any online betting site or casino offering gambling services to users based in the United Kingdom must possess a valid license issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

Virtual Horse Racing Developers

There are four main virtual racing game developers. Browsing around at different betting sites, you’ll find that most online bookmakers offer virtual racing games developed by Inspired Gaming Group. The firm tends to offer the best graphics and sound effects amongst the other developers and preferred for rarely experiencing bugs or glitches.

However, other popular virtual racing developers include Betradar, Kiron Interactive and Golden Race.

How To Wager On Virtual Racing

One of the major appeals of virtual horse racing is that they’re much more simple and easier to understand than their real-life counterparts. When it comes to virtual racing, you don’t need to worry about any strategies and you won’t need to research any of the horses. You simply need to select a horse, wager on it and watch the game play out. If you’re still unsure of about how to do that, just follow the steps:

Mansion Bet Lobby

Find an online betting site that offers virtual racing and other forms of virtual sports. Visit the website and create an account. During this process, you’ll be required to share personal information such as your full name, address, email address and birth date. You’ll also need to create a username and password.

Deposit with PayPal at Mansion Bet

When you’ve finally registered at the online betting site and made a deposit (Don’t forget to claim your welcome offer!), you should navigate towards the ‘Virtual’ tab of the website. From there, just click on horse racing. You may need to wait for the current game to finish before you can place any bets. As you wait for it to finish, you can flick through the list of runners and their odds for the next race and make your decision.

Virtual Horse Racing Results at Mansion Bet

When you’re ready to wager, just click the bet you wish to make and the name or number of the horse you wish to wager on. You’ll then be required to adjust your stake and once done, just click ‘Place Bets’. After this, you just need to wait for your race to finish to find out the result!

More Virtual Games

Most online betting sites offer a variety of different virtual sports events and activities. They generally include football, greyhound racing, speedway, motor racing and even cycling! However, the bets accepted for each game and rules between them differ somewhat, though they all use an RNG to determine a winner. For more information, just scroll down.


Virtual football is another popular virtual sport. Virtual football matches play just like ordinary football games except they’re over in under two minutes.

Before the match begins, players are presented with the two teams playing against each other in the virtual match. Users can make several different bets here including which team they think will win or whether they believe the game will end in a draw. Users can also bet on how many goals they believe will be scored overall or bet on the specific score at the end of the match.

As the match is underway, users will watch the virtual football game which looks just like an ordinary one. It moves at a much faster pace than normal football as the virtual football players move to make goals quickly. The game will pause every thirty-or-so seconds for a short break before the match resumes. When it ends, users will be presented with the final score and wagers will be credited accordingly.

Just like virtual racing, these virtual football games cannot use real-life players or stadiums and instead create their own. Similarly to the horse races, virtual football uses authentic graphics and sound effects to make the game more immersive for punters. For example, you’ll notice crowds cheering in the background of the stadium and you’ll be able to hear them too!

Online betting sites that offer virtual football include Ladbrokes, Mansion Bet, Paddy Power, William Hill, BetVictor and Betfred.

Greyhound Racing

Virtual greyhound racing works similarly to horse racing. Each race features around six dogs and punters wager on which dog they believe will finish in first place.

Before the match begins, users will be presented with a list of the dogs running and their odds. Punters simply need to click the name of the dog they want to wager on, adjust their stake and place their bet. The bets available include wins and each ways or forecasts and tricasts.

When this is done, users just need to watch the race to find out which dog won. At the end of the race, the winning dogs will be revealed and wagers will be credited accordingly. Like virtual horse racing, greyhound racing also uses authentic sounds to enhance the player’s experience. You’ll hear a commentator, cheering crowds and generic dog noises.

Greyhound racing can be played at Ladbrokes, Mansion Bet, Paddy Power, William Hill, BetVictor and Betfred.

Motor Racing

Virtual motor racing works similarly to horse and greyhound racing. Each game features around 12 racers and users must bet on which driver they believe will place first.

Users will need to wager on a driver before the race actually begins. The names and numbers of drivers participating will be shown to players before the race actually begins. After placing a win, each way, forecast or tricast wager and adjusting your stakes, the race should begin and players will be credited accordingly depending on their bet.

Just like the other virtual betting games, Motor Racing features authentic graphics and sound effect, ranging from the cheering of crowds to the loud roar of car engines. Virtual motor racing can be played at Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, William Hill, BetVictor and Betfred.


Cycling is another popular virtual betting sport. Users are required to wager on which one of nine or ten cyclists will win.

The names and odds of each cyclist are shown underneath the live stream of the event and are shown just before the game begins. Before the game starts, players are required to make a wager on one of the cyclists and place their bets. When the race finishes, the player will be credited accordingly. Players will hear a cheering crowd and a commentator during the game, adding to the overall experience.

At the time of writing, virtual cycling can be played at William Hill, BetVictor and Betfred.

Betfred’s Selection

Betfred, one of the most popular betting sites, offers the above virtual games plus many more. At the site, you’ll be able to play virtual bingo, boxing, darts and tennis. Each virtual betting game features its own rules but generally sees players wagering on one team or contestant to win.

Like the above virtual games, users are credited accordingly depending on their wager and the game’s end result.

Is Virtual Betting Worth It?

Virtual racing and betting is great fun, it allows users to make frequent wagers whenever and wherever they want. Most online bookmakers’ websites are mobile-friendly, which only makes it more appealing. In addition, the fast-paced nature of virtual betting can be much more fun for people with short attention spans or someone who just wants to scratch that betting itch.

Since most online bookmakers also offer regular betting and casino games, there’s no harm in trying virtual betting. In fact, you may find that you enjoy more than regular betting!