Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Charity GambleAware Publishes Results Of Its Bet Regret Campaign

GambleAware Tap Out Bet Regret

Gambling charity GambleAware has published the results of its responsible gambling Bet Regret campaign.

Back in February 2019, GambleAware launched its Bet Regret campaign, designed to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction. In August of the same year, the charity launched a new ad that encouraged players to “Think twice of you’ll Bet Regret it”, and then in March this year, launched the second phase of the campaign, which encouraged gamers to reconsider before placing a bet.

This week, GambleAware has published a series of findings in response to its Bet Regret campaign. Ipsos MORI conducted a tracking study of the campaign, and it found a high level of awareness for the campaign, with recognition averaging at around 60% amongst the broader target audience and rising to 75% amongst the highest risk band.

Ipsos MORI also found that 38% of the campaign’s audience have said that they try to “tap out” of their app before deciding to place a bet they believed they might regret. The percentage increased to over 50% for those with higher-risk profiles, and a further 17% said they actively tap out of their betting apps before placing a wager.

GambleAware’s Bet Regret campaign was planned to run for two years but was paused and then extended to April 2021 due to the suspension of live sport as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign was delivered by GambleAware for the Safer Gambling Board with support from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and was funded via donations from operators, broadcasters, and more.

GambleAware has announced it will now fully take over the campaign, including its funding, and intends to continue it, but with a “nudge” focus to help younger gamblers avoid developing gambling-related harm. What’s more, the chair is developing a separate campaign aimed at women.

New Mobile App BetProtect Encourages Gamblers To Pause

Similarly to the Bet Regret campaign, a new mobile web app named BetProtect has launched this week, designed to encourage safer gambling and provide gamers with self-help tools. The app was designed by father and son David and Adam Bradford and is powered by safer gambling consultancy Crucial Compliance.

According to CasinoBeats, the app features a “time out” mechanic for players who use licensed operators’ services and includes a business intelligence system to allow operators to map and measure customer issues as well as inform safer gambling strategies and help them tailor their customer interventions.

The BetProtect app, which is accessible in the US, USA, and Europe with local translations, was created with specialist therapists, counsellors, and people with lived experience. It aims to encourage gamblers to pause, take a break, consider their bets, and move away from gaming.

David Bradford, who was jailed for fraud after amassing a large debt due to a gambling addiction, told CasinoBeats: “As I never believed I had a gambling problem I never sought help in any form. On reflection, I needed intervention from a trusted source.”

He continued, saying: “BetProtect is an opportunity for the industry to put its best foot forward in providing additional safety messaging and a safe space for people to take time out at any point in the customer journey in an accessible way.

“We know there is no one silver bullet to completely minimise gambling-related harms, but in the suite of tools and offerings the industry presents to its users, we see this software as an effective part of that portfolio. We are looking forward to working with operators on implementing the solution for their customers to suit their own customer journeys and responsible gambling tools.”

BK8 Sports Announces As New Norwich City Football Club Sponsor

Also this week, Norwich City FC announced betting firm BK8 Sports as its new principal partner for the 2021/22 season, with the company’s logo displayed on the front of the club’s shirts for their first-team match and training kits for the new season.

In its announcement, Norwich City revealed that its planned a range of “engaging and powerful activations” for supporters throughout the course of the partnership. What’s more, former Norwich City players Darren Eadie has been signed as the betting firm’s brand spokesperson to help support and drive engagement both nationally and internationally.

Ben Kensell, the Chief Operating Officer at Norwich City, said in a statement: “We’re delighted to welcome BK8 as our new principal partner. It is excellent that they see the value in working with Norwich City.

“BK8 will undoubtedly be a new brand for City fans, however, they’re a well-trusted name across Asia. The Premier League has an accumulative TV audience of over three billion and is broadcast into over a billion homes – a huge proportion of these Premier League fans are based in Asia.”

Kensell then spoke on the UK Government’s review of the Gambling Act 2005, which will analyse sponsorship agreements between sports and gambling companies, saying: “Both the club and BK8 are committed to supporting the ongoing review into betting and sports sponsorship.

“The club continues to adhere to both an internal code of conduct, as well as the policies and guidelines put in place by the Betting and Gaming Council, when carrying out marketing campaigns with betting and gaming brands. The industry continues to provide a valuable source of revenue to the club that makes a meaningful difference to our wider objectives as a club.”

Hours after the initial announcement, however, the football club’s new sponsor came under criticism after Norwich City fans uncovered sexually provocative content on the betting firm’s social media accounts. According to Sky Sports, Norwich City forced the betting firm to remove the content, stating the posts and marketing “do not align with the wider Norwich City visions and values”.

BK8 also issued an apology, saying: “Following concerns and issues raised by Norwich City Football Club and its supporters following an announcement this morning, BK8 would like to wholeheartedly apologise for any offence caused by our historical marketing. We accept this form of marketing isn’t befitting of a Premier League partnership.”