Sunday, 26 January 2020

Hero Gaming To Launch ‘Revolutionary’ New Casino Site Boom Casino

Boom Casino

Hero Gaming has announced the launch of a brand new casino site.

The casino operator revealed this week that it will be launching brand new gambling website Boom Casino next month, following the success of previous sites Casino Heroes, Speedy Bet, and Speedy Casino. According to Hero Gaming, the new site will be available in German, Swedish, Finnish and English.

Georg Westin, the founder of Hero Gaming and CEO of Hero Gaming Sweden, issued a statement and revealed that the new casino site was developed with previous player feedback in mind. Westin also explained that the site was developed with smartphones in mind, so it’s completely mobile-friendly and runs smoothly.

Westin said: “Hero Gaming is the company behind many successful gaming products and innovations in the past five years and in our new flagship brand, we are taking all of our experience and combining it with player interviews and feedback to set a new standard for what a casino experience can be.

“The focus of this unique and slick interface is to package the rich game experience, together with simplicity, partnered with cutting edge technologies. This combination creates a smooth interface that gets you playing the games you want faster and easier, be it playing on your computer or on your mobile.”

Boom’s Special Features

According to Westin, Boom Casino will also include several unique features to make playing more rewarding and accessible. He continued: “Boom has a unique ‘My Games’ section where you can select which [games] you want to play the most. You can even choose dynamic games titles, such as so it always shows the latest game release from your favourite game provider. In the beautiful games section, it is easy to use the dynamic search and filters to find games with a certain function of course for both RNG and live casino games.

“Boom offers detailed information about each game and professional tips as to what is key to win and have the most fun. Many games can also be played int he Hero Gaming innovation blitz mode. In Boom, we think that loyal players shall be appreciated, no matter if winning and losing. That’s why we introduced the infinite boom loyalty system that easily shows how you are progressing and what to expect. Many fun moments will be happening here.”

Westin ended the statement by saying: “These are just a few of the fantastic features in Boom and we invite everyone to experience our dream of the best online casino experience in the world.”

Unfortunately, since Hero Gaming has pulled out of the UK market and surrendered its UK Gambling Commission license, the online casino will not be available to players based in the United Kingdom. Anyone looking to join a brand new casino site can check out our recommendations here.