Thursday, 13 December 2018

GutXpress: GiG launches new Pay N’ Play Casino


GiG, short for Gaming Innovation Group, has launched its brand new casino GutsXpress. With the help of Trustly’s Pay N’ Play technology, GutsXpress players can play casino games without having ever to register or login.

On the flipside, GutsXpress won’t offer any sort of promotions or bonuses to new players. As managing director Regan Hobbs states: “Basically, it’s a no frills version of, where games are king, no promotions or bonuses”.

The new casino is for new and experienced players alike, especially those that care more about games and experience rather than promotions and bonuses. At this point, GutsXpress is only available to customers in Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

How Does Trustly’s Pay N’ Play Works?

Trustly relies on Bank ID for its self-proclaimed revolutionary technology. Thanks to personal numbers (in Sweden) or IBAN in Germany, Trustly is able to identify and verify players and their deposits through its Bank ID. You no longer have to share your address or other personal information with the casino and the registration process takes a few seconds.

“It will revolutionise the registration experience for players and enable higher conversion and retention while reducing churn”, says Robin Reed, CEO at GiG.