Thursday, 11 March 2021

GambleAware Launches Second Phase Of Its ‘Tap Out’ Gambling Campaign

GambleAware Tap Out Bet Regret

Gambling charity GambleAware has launched the second phase of its ‘Tap Out’ gambling campaign.

The campaign is part of GambleAware’s Bet Regret initiative and first launched last year, targeting around 2.4 million men aged between 18 and 24 who gambling on sport frequently. The campaign aims to encourage gamblers to reconsider placing a bet and aims to provide gamers with mental aid to prevent impulsive bets.

The new phase will, according to CasinoBeats, raise further awareness and understanding of the ‘Tap Out’ campaign and will be comprised of new media content, including testimonial videos in which bettors discuss why they ‘Tap Out’. The new media will be made available on TV, BVOD (Broadcast video on demand), radio and social media, and it will highlight the benefits of tapping out.

The media will include content from social media influence Josh Denzel and Bet Regret Ambassador David James, who will share personal insights on betting and how to overcome impulsive behaviours.

Speaking about the ‘Tap Out’ campaign, GambleAware said: “Research conducted by Ipsos MORI showed that campaign recognition was 63% amongst the target audience of younger male sports bettors, rising to 77% amongst those in the highest risk group.”

GambleAware also confirmed that the campaign has had a positive effect on the targeted audience, saying: “34% of the campaign audience now say they try to close or ‘tap out’ of their betting app and pause before deciding whether to place a bet.”

The news comes just days after GambleAware commissioned three studies as part of its report titled ‘An Integrated Approach To Safer Gambling’. The studies, carried out by agency Revealing Reality, analysed how select gambling operators display and use safer gambling messages.

The GambleAware report found that the gambling industry could improve the way safer gambling is promoted to players, with the agency recommending that operators integrate safer gambling messages into all aspects of their business, raising awareness for all gamers.

Entain Launches New Safer Gambling Initiatives

GambleAware’s news comes as Entain, the owners of Ladbrokes and Coral, has announced several new safer gambling initiatives as part of its move to promote safer gambling. The new initiatives aim to build upon Entain’s commitment to providing players with the world’s “safest and most trusting” gaming experience.

According to Entain, the three new initiatives will be undertaken by the operator’s not-for-profit Entain Foundation, which has already invested heavily in the research, treatment, and education of gambling harm as well as the education and promotion of integrity in sports.

Under one of the new initiatives announced this week, Entain along with BetMGM, its joint sportsbook venture with MGM Resorts, will promote the Eighth Annual Gambling Disorder Screening Day led by the Harvard Medical School faculty at the Division On Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance.

As reported by Entain, the event provides gamers with various resources to aid them, including an online screening toolkit that will allow people to identify if they’re exhibiting behaviours associated with gambling harm. The event will be promoted by BetMGM in the USA and by Entain in the UK via its Ladbrokes and Coral brands.

Alongside the above, Entain has announced that it is joining the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling as a Platinum organisational member. The non-profit council, which formed back in 1984, acts as an informational resource and provides programs and services to help those affected by problem gambling.

The final initiative announced by Entain is its support for a nationwide survey in the US to analyse the extent of existing provision and support for individuals suffering from gambling-related harm. The survey will be conducted in partnership with NAADGS, EPIC Risk Management, and Kindbridge.

Martin Lycka, the Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling, said in a statement: “It is our ambition, with our partners and support from BetMGM, to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of responsible gambling initiatives, partnerships and services in the gaming entertainment sector in the United States. We are proud of our commitment and will continue our leadership in serving this vital area.”

Entain Announces New Football Club Grants

Alongside the above initiatives, Entain also announced this week that it has offered grants to 27 football clubs within the three Trident Leagues; The Isthmian, the Northern Premier, and the Southern League.

The grants are part of Entain’s Pitching In campaign and are credited by the operator’s Trident Community Foundation, which launched last December. They aim to help the non-league football clubs with funds of up to £4,000 to help them overcome any financial difficulties caused by Covid-19 and to “re-engage with their communities”.

Reports suggest that the Southern League was the biggest recipient of the first wave of grants, earning a total of 16 donations. Entain has confirmed that there will be further grants available within the coming months as £150,000 has been earmarked as part of its campaign.

Pitching In spokesperson and Ladbrokes PR Director Simon Clare said of the news: “When we launched our Pitching In sponsorship of the Trident Leagues, our ambition was for Entain and our Ladbrokes brand to make a real difference to grassroots and non-elite sport, and we are thrilled to be a founding partner of the Trident Community Fund.

“This is only the start, and yet already we are inspired and enthused by the variety and nature of the projects that have been proposed by the Trident League Clubs. We can’t wait to see these projects land in, and make a difference, to communities across England and Wales in the months ahead, at a time when they are needed most.”