Friday, 19 October 2018

Esports Entertainment Launches Pooled Betting for Video Gaming

Online gaming operator Esports Entertainment has introduced pooled betting on video game tournaments to its wagering portal

The introduction will strengthen Esports’s presence in the arena of competitive video gaming. “We’ve just launched the pooled-betting option live for the public to see for the first time. It just came out this morning,” said Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports in a phone interview.

Pooled gambling allows winners to be rewarded with a percentage of the pooled winnings when one side wins and the other side loses. Esport’s initial launch will feature 10 teams, including Burning Foxes, Red Fear Wild and GeekCase eSports, who will play against each other.

Esport’s pooled betting offering will be the first opportunity for fans of the 10 teams to wager on their games. “Their fans have never been able to bet on those teams except for on our site,” said Johnson. “We’re allowing smaller pro team fans to bet on their teams for the first time.”

The gaming company aims to ultimately include 175 teams in its pooled gambling offering, but is testing the water by showcasing 10 teams to start with. “We’re testing it out with 10 teams,” Johnson explained. “We didn’t want to start with 175 teams because it’s difficult to control.”

Esports’s is the world’s only eSports betting exchange platform. The Antigua-based gambling firm is looking to obtain licences in Malta and Asia to take advantage of the increasing demand for eSports betting.