Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Dropped Lottery Ticket Leads FBI Agent to Unlucky Bank Robbery Suspect

A man who has allegedly robbed a bank has been arrested in Illinois, United States. According to authorities, investigators tracked him down with the lottery ticket he had dropped while committing the crime.

On 28th September, a Chase Bank in suburban Chicago was robbed by a man in dark clothes and a hooded sweatshirt who appeared to be wearing a dark-colour wig. He handed a threatening note and a plastic bag to a teller at the bank. With his left hand kept in his pocket, the teller suspected that the robber might have a gun. At the end, the man escaped with a sum of USD$8,254.

Tracking the Suspect down with a Lottery Ticket

An FBI agent found an Illinois lottery scratch-off ticket when going through surveillance footages of the incident. The ticket was shown falling from the robber’s pocket.

Investigators tracked the ticket to where it was sold at a petrol station in Arlington Heights, a nearby village. They went on to review the surveillance footages from the petrol station and identified a person who matches the alleged robber’s description.

On 2nd October, surveillance videos from another petrol station showed the same man redeeming winning tickets. The investigators identified his car. Finally, on Tuesday night, local police pulled his car over. It is reported that the vehicle was purchased 1 day after the Chicago Chase Bank was robbed.

38-year-old Dexter Riley was charged with bank robbery by intimidation. Riley has admitted that he has used the money to buy the car, a game system, drugs and pay rent, according to the FBI.