Saturday, 8 December 2018

Connecticut Mum Finds Late Son’s Name on Lotto Ticket, Wins $10,000

A Connecticut mother who found her late son’s name on a lottery ticket has won $10,000.

Amy Johansson, who lives in Branford, Connecticut, purchased a $100,000 Cashword 9 lottery ticket and began scratching the ticket only to reveal her son’s name; Eric.

As Johansson kept scratching, she uncovered the word “love” and after scanning the ticket in a lottery ticket checker, she discovered she had won the second top $10,000 prize.

Speaking to NBC 4, Johansson said: “I started scratching and I could see my son’s name, E-R-I-C, I knew I was going to win something.”

The mother is now convinced that the lottery prize is a final gift from her late, who died at the age of 24 after a battle with substance abuse.

Johansson’s Nonprofit Organisation

Johansson plans on using the money towards the nonprofit organisation she founded in memory of her son, Smile Anyway, which she said works to “educate and raise awareness” about the drug epidemic occurring in the area.

Speaking about Smile Anyway, she said: “It’s a nonprofit that is educating and raising awareness on the drug epidemic in our area.

“All of the [prize] will be put to good use, to help provide a structured transitional facility for young adults, to make a difference, and to save lives.”

Upon claiming the massive prize, Johansson told lottery officials: “This prize is a tribute to my son. I feel especially blessed to be given the funds to continue to support ‘Smile Anyway’ in his memory.”

She also said that if she can save another mother from what she went through, that would be the biggest jackpot of all.

“Our loved ones are always with us, watching over us,” she said. “I can’t think of a better way, or a stronger sign of it, then that lottery ticket.”

Lottery officials have stated that Branford Wine & Spirits will receive a $100 bonus for selling the ticket.