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CasinoGrounds: The Best Casino Live Stream Site

CasinoGrounds is a website dedicated to the online streaming of casino games. It’s a website that hosts live streams and allows casino live streamers and their fans to come together and interact with each other. The site even offers casino guides and a helpful tutorial on how to set up your own casino live stream.

But what is casino live streaming and why is it so popular?

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming, also known as streaming, is the process of recording and broadcasting something simultaneously to a real-time viewer over the internet. Many users who participate in live streaming choose to stream major events such as concerts, film premieres, award shows or sports games to their viewers.

However, there’s been a rise in the popularity of streaming video games, animals and general day-to-day life thanks to social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Periscope.

While many people have only begun hearing about live streaming in recent years, it’s actually been around since the late 2000s where it was mostly used to watch videos or listening to music. Streaming began to spark attention when Netflix decided to move away from its DVD rental system and launched an on-demand streaming service, allowing users to watch television shows and films whenever they wanted.

Netflix’s streaming service became huge over the next few years and more people began to develop an interest in live streaming. Then, in March 2015, Twitter launched a live streaming social media app called Periscope which allowed users to stream themselves to people all around the world.

As this happened, the live streaming of video games became popular. Users enjoyed watching other people playing video games in which they finished the game or completed certain challenges. Naturally, the rising popularity of video game streaming paved the way for casino game streaming where a user broadcasts themselves playing casino games for other users to watch.

But what makes it so popular?

Live streaming has become so popular because it allows people to come together and share experiences, whether that’s visiting a new city for the first time, attending an exciting event, completing a video game or playing casino games.

One of the most popular forms of streaming as video game speedruns, in which a player attempts to complete a video game in the shortest time possible. Many streamers try to break each other’s records, host tournaments and form small communities in the meantime with their fans, something which people around the world can enjoy.

Another reason streaming is so popular is due to its accessibility. There are two major platforms used for live streaming; YouTube and Twitch.


Twitch is arguably the most well-known streaming platform available. The website primarily focuses on video game streaming but also offers music broadcasts and “real life” streams.

The service launched in June 2011 as a spin-off of streaming site Justin.tv and within three years, was considered the fourth-largest source of peak internet traffic in the US. Amazon acquired the website, allows users to watch content live or via video on demand, for a whopping $970 million in 2014.

As of May 2018, Twitch had 2.2 million monthly broadcasters and 15 million daily active users.


YouTube, a popular video sharing website, also allows users to live stream videos. However, YouTube has failed to achieve the popularity and success as Twitch.

The website first launched in 2005 and allowed users to upload, share, view, rate and comment on videos. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and, as of August 2018, ranks as the second-most popular website in the world.

Today, YouTube’s content includes video clips, television show clips, music videos, documentaries, short films, music, movies, film trailers and live streams. While most of the content is uploaded by individuals who create videos, many companies have turned to YouTube to promote products such as video games, casino games, films, television shows and new technology.

Online Casino Streaming

Casino game streaming is similar to video game streaming as it involves a player streaming themselves playing slots or table casino games online. It’s becoming increasingly popular for the same reasons as video game streaming, in that it forms small, tight-knit communities and allows casino game fans to come together. In fact, it’s become so popular that Twitch added a ‘Casino and Gambling’ category to its website in 2016.

There are numerous other reasons why so many people are choosing to watch casino game streaming. One of the biggest reasons casino game streaming is popular is that it allows viewers to form an opinion on games or casinos without having to spend any money. For example, someone interested in gambling for the first time can watch several live streams in order to decide whether it’s worth trying or not. Likewise, a regular gambler can watch some live streams of a specific casino or game in order to decide whether they want to try it or not.

It’s also popular because it allows users to share ideas and strategies with each other. For example, a streamer playing blackjack or poker can ask for advice on what to do next from viewers. You might even see professional players helping new or first-time players over the live stream.

You might have noticed that many companies use YouTube videos to promote their services or products online through trailers or reviews. A popular trend in the gaming industry is to pay popular YouTube creators to play a video game and show their fans gameplay in the hopes of inciting interest. Online casinos and casino game developers can also do this, paying streamers to play games or try out an online casino in order to spark attention and potentially land new customers.

Live Casinos

Live streaming has become so popular that even casino game developers have embraced it. Many online casinos now feature live casino games which aim to provide players with an authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own home.

Live casino games feature a real-life dealer who is streamed directly to the player in real-time. The player can interact with the dealer and other real players through a chatroom service and the dealer will respond back through the stream.

At the time of writing, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt have both developed various live games for online casinos including poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. For more information on live casino games, check out our dedicated page here.

Finding Casino Game Streams

Now you understand the numerous benefits associated with streaming casino games you might be interested in watching a few streams. However, it can be hard to find professional casino game streamers who broadcast regularly.

Luckily for you, one website has sorted all fo that out.


CasinoGrounds is a website that brings casino players, streamers and their viewers together. The site founded in April 2016 by a group of online casino streamers and players who wanted to create a virtual space that allows players, streamers and viewers to interact together and form a community.

The forum is incredibly active and players often share videos or photos of their wins and gives them an opportunity to discuss new promotions, games and online casinos. Today, CasinoGrounds’ forum has over 13,000 members.

The site also provides visitors with game guides, reviews on games and casinos and keeps users up-to-date on the latest bonuses and promotions.

A Brief History of Casino Grounds

The site first launched as the CasinoGrounds forum in March 2016. Five months later, CasinoGrounds launched its first official website which featured game guides, information on streaming and kept visitors updated with the latest industry news.

By February 2017, CasinoGrounds had achieved its first 1,000 members and over the next few months began to pick up more traction. Then in July 2017, Scientific Games became the first registered slot provider at CasinoGrounds.

CasinoGrounds’ success continued when LeoVentures, owners of popular online casino LeoVegas, agreed to pay SEK30 million (Around £2.7 million) to purchase 51% of the streaming website in December 2017. While an agreement was made in December, the payment was completed until January 2018.

Around the same time, CasinoGrounds reached its first 5,000 members and then in June 2018, CasinoGrounds relaunched their website with a brand new look. By August, they had reached 10,000 members.

CasinoGrounds Streaming

In addition to its forum, CasinoGrounds focuses heavily on live streaming. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because it promotes nine of the best casino game streamers from across Twitch and YouTube. CasinoGrounds informs visitors when the streamers are online, hosts their live streams when available and even provides detailed information about them.

At the time of writing, CasinoGrounds’ top three streamers are:


Huggehugg, real name Hugo, is the most popular CasinoGrounds streamer. From Sweden, Hugo streams four days a week on Twitch and enjoys playing Danger! High Voltage, Jack and the Beanstalk and Yggdrasil’s Jungle Books. He frequently plays games from developers such as Microgaming, Novomatic and Merkur and has been spotted streaming alongside a teddy bear named Bruno.


Letsgiveitaspin, real name Kim, is the second most popular streamer on CasinoGrounds. Also from Sweden, the former poker professional streams several days a week on Twitch and enjoys playing Mega Joker, Reactoonz, Monopoly Big Event, Magic Monk Rasputin, Danger! High Voltage, Gem Rocks, White Rabbit and Moon Princess. According to his profile, Kim began streaming in 2015 after winning big at an undisclosed casino.


Nickslots, real name Nick, is CasinoGrounds third most popular streamer who became famous for being the first-ever UK casino streamer on YouTube and Twitch. According to his profile, Nick streams four times a week and enjoys playing Danger! High Voltage, Fish Party and Book of Dead.


It’s easy to see why live streaming casino games is so popular now. It’s a great way for players to decide whether games or online casinos are worth checking out. It’s also a unique way to learn how to play specific games, learn strategies and more.

Live streams allow casino gamers to come together and form a close community together. If you start watching live casino game streams, you’ll find yourself making some new friends and learning a few things along the way.

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