Roulette With Track Review

European Roulette Track

Roulette can be a difficult game to master, which is why Playson decided to launch their own version of the popular table game based on European roulette, which actually follows a different set of rules and features a completely different roulette wheel to the American variation.

What Is It?

Playson’s Roulette With Track is a great take on European Roulette. It follows the same rules and features a European roulette wheel with a single zero space and the numbers one to 36.

Along with a fully-functional spinning roulette wheel, Playson’s game also features an authentic roulette table with casino chips and a grid displaying all of the wagering options. Following traditional rules, users can wager on red, black, odd or even numbers as well as individual digits and groups of numbers.

What’s great about Playson’s game is that users must click and place chips ranging from 1 to 100 on the roulette table to confirm their bets. After clicking on the grid and making a wager, the chips wagered stack on the table. Roulette With Track also displays the Hot numbers which display the five most frequently won numbers in descending order. Meanwhile, the Cold numbers display the five rarely won numbers.

In addition to the above, the game features an RTP of 97.3% which is great but somewhat low compared to other roulette game RTP percentages we’ve seen. Before we discuss what we enjoyed about the game, it’s important you understand that the game doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, any special or bonus features and side bets are not accepted within this game.

What We Think

We enjoy Playson’s Roulette With Track as it features high-quality graphics, making users believe they’re playing a real-life roulette game. We enjoy the added the background of the game too in which casino chips and leather chairs can be seen, adding to the overall experience.

While roulette rules can be hard to understand, they’re clearly communicated with this game and the wagering options are presented in an effective manner, allowing new and regular players to jump straight in the game. Playson’s Roulette With Track also benefits from its Hot and Cold numbers which give users an idea of what to bet on.

Roulette With Track is a great game to play if you’re new to roulette or a regular player. Its interface is easy to use, it’s fun to play and the game features some great graphics and animations. Why not give it a go? You might enjoy it!