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Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK for dozens of years. The activity allows players to win a prize instantly, whether that’s cash or something else, and everyone knows how fun it is to scratch and reveal your prize. However, when scratch cards decided to go online, many people scoffed at the thought.

Today, several years later, online scratch cards have become hugely popular, even though players can’t actually scratch anything. But why has this happened? What makes scratch cards so popular? Let’s take a look.

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are basically the online equivalent of real-life scratchcards which provide players with instant wins. While most people find the idea of online scratch cards confusing because you can’t physically scratch anything, many scratch card developers have come up with fun and exciting ways of making the activity more fun and allowing users to use their mouse to “scratch” the card.

This has made online scratch cards hugely popular in recent years and, though many people still look down on the activity, many people enjoy “scratching” their cards and claiming their instant prizes.

What’s Great About Online Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are popular among so many people because they’re easy to play, easy to buy and offer you instant prizes such as cash sums, cars, technology and much more. Many people enjoy playing online scratch cards because they enjoy gambling but cannot afford or do not have the time to involve themselves with larger games such as blackjack or roulette, making scratch cards a cheap and fun solution.

There are numerous variations of scratch cards, each with different themes and gameplay, which means there’s a wider selection of online scratch cards compared to traditional casino games. There are also fewer restrictions on the winnings, which means players won’t have to meet high wagering requirements. In addition, online scratch cards also tend to have high RTP rates, this means players are more likely to win when playing an online scratch card.

The primary reason many people enjoy online scratch cards is due to their speed. Scratch cards are played through fast, allowing people to play through multiple cards and potentially collect several different prizes.

We’ve also mentioned that scratch card game developers have worked hard to make the activity more interesting. They’ve done this by basing their scratch cards on various themes such as space, Egypt, Volcanos and even celebrities such as James Dean!

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Online scratch cards work similarly to slots as players are required to match symbols in order to land winnings. The symbols featured in the game depends on what the scratch card is themed after.

For example, NextGen Gaming’s Volcano Eruption is themed on volcanos and a tropical island. Its symbols include wild flowers, tropical animals such as monkeys, frogs and lizards as well as a volcano bonus symbol. Matching three of these symbols prompts a winning combination and the player is awarded their stake multiplied by the value of the symbol or symbols.

Meanwhile, Scientific Games’ James Dean online scratch card features photos of the famous celebrity as symbols alongside symbols of a car, a motorcycle, a car and a director’s board. James Dean’s Star of Fame acts as a bonus symbol, awarding players with an extra round.

Like slots, online scratch cards are powered by a random number generator (RNG) which means the symbols are predetermined and that the game requires zero skill! In fact, scratch cards are incredibly easy to play!

Playing Scratch Cards Online

When you first load up a scratch card online, you’ll usually be presented with a three-by-three grid creating a symbol tied to the scratch card’s theme. Beside it, you’ll be shown a list of the symbols featured in the game as well as their multiplier values.

Around the grid and symbols, you’ll see the ‘Win’ box which displays the amount of money won during a round and the ‘Balance’ box which displays your available balance. Depending on the game, you should also see a ‘Bet’ box or slider which allows you to adjust your bet and a ‘Play’ or ‘Buy Ticket’ button which starts the game.

Scratch Cards

Before you start the game, we suggest you adjust your bet to the appropriate value and then click the ‘Play’ or ‘Buy Ticket’ game to start the online scratch card. Immediately after the button has been clicked, the three-by-three grid will be “scratched” to reveal the symbols. Matching three symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally will earn you a win and the money will automatically be added to your balance.

Some online scratch cards will allow players to select whether to reveal all symbols immediately or reveal them one-by-one. Players will also have the option to enable auto-bet for several turns to keep the game running.

Mobile Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards have also become increasingly popular because they are mobile-friendly. Scratch cards can be played on all mobile devices (Providing its updated regularly) which gives players the freedom to play where they want and when they want.

In addition, some mobile scratch cards play as real-life scratch cards, allowing users to “scratch” the cards with their fingers to reveal the symbols. Many people enjoy this because it feels more authentic than revealing all of the symbols with a single click.

A Brief History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be traced back to the mid-1970s when American firm Scientific Games Corporation, a company that today develops slot games, produced the first computer-generated scratch card game. Computer scientist John Koza and retail specialist Daniel Bower founded the company and created the first ever scratch cards.

The pair travelled across the US and attempted to convince lotto commissions in various states to take on the scratch cards, then known as The Instant Game. William Perrault, the Head of the Lotto Commission in Massachusetts ordered 25 million cards for the state and the two men quickly worked on creating the scratch cards.

The first Instant Game debuted in 1974 with a top prize of $10,000 and the game became hugely popular. This prompted the firm to begin launching scratch cards in other states across the US and the company grew their revenue from $1.1 million in 1974 to $15 million in 1976. In 1985 alone, the state of California ordered a whopping 700 million scratch cards and Scientific Gaming earned two cents for each ticket.

In the same year, a businessman named Cal Tigner noticed how cashiers kept scratch cards in their register draw and wondered how much sales would improve if the tickets were visible. Later that night, Tigner constructed a cardboard display that sat at the cashiers counter and dispensed cards. The machine was named the Take-a-Ticket and revolutionised the lotto and scratch card world.

Scratch cards became popular in the US and they eventually spread to other countries between the mid-1980s and early-1990s. The scratch cards were soon themed after popular brands such as Monopoly, Marvel and DC Comics, FIFA, Harley Davidson and much more. Then, by the early 2010s, scratch cards began appearing online and were played through Macromedia Flash and Java. Their popularity continued to develop to today where they’ve never been more popular.

Meanwhile, John Koza left Scientific Games in 1987 but admitted in an interview with ScratchCards.org that he had recently impulsively bought a scratch card in Quebec and won $500.

Online Scratch Card Providers

A short summary on each provider and the type of scratch card games they provide.

Some of the most popular slot developers also create scratch card games. Microgaming launched the successful Bill and Ted and Cashapillar, Playtech launched their Beetle Bingo scratch card and NetEnt’s Shoot 4 Gold scratch card has proven to be quite popular among scratch card fanatics.

In addition to those, developers such as Pariplay, NeoGames and NetoPlay are well-known within the online scratch card community for making some fun and exciting games.

Pariplay is a firm that develops bingo, keno, slots, table casino games and online scratch cards. The company developed well-known online scratch card games including Star Raiders, Alchemist, Ocean Fortune, Dragon Scrolls, Cops & Robbers and more.


NeoGames is another popular online scratch card developer. The company, which provides services around the world, is responsible for games including VIP Black Scratch Card, 7 Boom Scratch Card and Power Cash Scratch Card.


Online Scratch Card Promotions

Despite their rising popularity, you’ll rarely find a casino giving away a special bonus for users who play online scratch cards. Instead, you’ll find that most casino bonuses can be used on scratch cards.

For example, Royal Panda, an online casino that offers a selection of scratch cards, offers users an exciting Welcome Bonus of 100% up to £100. The money can be used on all casino games at the Royal Panda website, including slots, table games and online scratch cards.

Since most casino bonuses have wagering requirements attached, players are able to complete the wagering requirement by playing online scratch card which, on Royal Panda casino, deducts 100% of your stake from the wagering requirements.

However, it’s important you understand that some casinos offering scratch cards may restrict users from playing them to complete wagering requirements. You may also be restricted from using your bonus money on scratch cards so it’s important you read through the terms and conditions of each bonus.

Where Can You Find Scratch Cards Online?

While many people enjoy playing online scratch cards, it can actually be quite hard finding a casino that offers them. Luckily enough, we’ve contacted several online casinos and have found some of the best websites that offer online scratch cards.

At the time of writing, online scratch cards can be found at:

  • The Grand Ivy – 100% up to £300 plus 25 spins on Starburst
  • Vegas Hero – 100% up to £200 plus 50 spins
  • Spin Rider – 100% up to £300 plus 50 spins
  • Video Slots – 100% up to £200
  • Royal Panda – 100% up to £100 welcome bonus

Lottoland Online Scratch Cards

In addition to the above, you can also play scratch cards online at the LottoLand website. The site, owned by Lottoland based in Gibraltar, offers a wide selection of scratch card games. There are numerous themes available and users can buy multiple tickets at once at various prices.

For many of the Lottoland online scratch cards, users can actually use their mouse to “scratch” at the cards and reveal the different symbols. This has proven to be incredibly popular among Lottoland’s players.

Lottoland is an online gambling site which allows users to wager on the result of EuroMillionare draws. It also offers games including bingo, keno, online scratch cards, slots and classic table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack.

National Lottery Scratch Cards

The National Lottery, which runs the UK lottery and scratch cards, also offer online scratch cards on their website. The National Lottery scratch cards are somewhat limited compared to the scratch cards found at online casinos. The National Lottery scratch cards come in six designs and users can win up to £10,000! In addition, reveal specific symbols, such as a gold coin, can win additional money.

Like the Lottoland scratch cards, the National Lottery scratch cards can be “scratched” by using your mouse or by using your finger on a smartphone device.

The National Lottery currently runs the UK’s lottery and scratch card services. The brand is incredibly well known and highly reputable. Its online website offers bingo games such as bingo, slots and scratch cards!

Are Online Scratch Cards Worth It?

Many people have long wondered whether online scratch cards are actually worth playing or not. In fact, many people consider the activity to be a complete waste of time because, in their eyes, users aren’t actually doing anything.

However, online scratch cards can be a great activity for someone who enjoys gambling but doesn’t want to spend large amounts of money on bigger games. They’re also great for someone who enjoys playing several quick games over a short period of time.

We’ve outlined why people enjoy online scratch cards throughout this page and it’s entirely subjective. If you can’t make up your mind, why not give it a go yourself and find out?

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