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Customer Support at Online Casinos

As with any website or web portal, there is a chance that you run into technical problems while playing at an online casino. Whether it’s related to deposits or withdrawals, promotions and bonus credits that don’t show up in your account, it’s never nice to feel there is something wrong with your account.

If you come across any problems, you want to be sure that the casino provides active support to sort out the problem as soon as possible. Luckily, the top online casinos are all about customer support and tend to provide options ranging from live chat to phone and email.

Let’s have a look at the options and their strengths and weaknesses below.

Live Chat

Live chat is a convenient and hassle-free feature in which a player can message a member of the customer support team and start a conversation right from their browser. Usually, the wait time for a customer support agent to respond is instant or maximum a few minutes.

While most online casinos do offer this feature, some of them require the player to be logged in to use it. Some operators don’t make it that hard and the live chat to everyone, even unregistered players.

We encourage casino operators to make live chat available to everyone but do understand the drawbacks as registered players should usually have priority over general inquiries. In any case, live chat has proven to be a super efficient support option for low to medium urgent questions. Please keep in mind that if your support query is sensitive, e.g., involves banking details or personal information, the online casino will often ask you to get in touch via email or phone.

Emailing Customer Support

Email support is another great way to get in touch with your online casino. Many operators have the support email published on their website or even a contact form present.

The form may ask for personal information such as a username, a return email address, name and date of birth. Many people find this is less trustworthy than other contact options and prefer to call the customer support team directly. However, when dealing with a UK online casino, you can sure that your data is treated with care due to strict regulations casino sites have to follow.

While email support is quick and easy, the downside is that you won’t receive an instant response in most cases. While sometimes you will hear back within minutes, in our tests it took casino sites from a few hours to sometimes even days. For urgent problems, email is not our recommend support option.


Some online casinos offer a telephone number players can use to contact the support team. This is usually in the form of a UK or overseas number for anyone using the casino that isn’t in the UK.

Calling the support team gets a much quicker response and may lead to sorting out any problems in a quick, timely manner. Speaking to the customer support team over the phone may also be comforting for some people who prefer this method over online messaging.

To get the help you need and to avoid complicating your original problem any further, we suggest you follow our tips detailed below:

  • Be Polite: Please remember to be polite and not to lose your temper when speaking to a customer service member. Yelling at them or being rude will only make the situation worse and it won’t help you in any way. If you feel the customer agent isn’t helpful, ask to speak to someone else or the line manager.
  • Be Clear: Tell the customer service agent precisely what the problem is, and be clear and concise when doing so to avoid confusion.
  • Be Ready: Most customer service agents will want you, the player, to provide some identification proof. This can be in the form of an answer to a personal question, specific personal information only you would know or just your date of birth or address. Just make sure to know these details ahead of time and be ready to supply them to the customer service agent when needed.
  • Be Patient: It’s also important that players remain patient when seeking help, no matter what the problem is. Staying patient and calm will help solve the problem quicker.
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